Librairie Éphémère / Hyères 2014, 29th International Festival of Fashion & Photography

While the book evolves, becomes dematerialised and is infinitely duplicated, the paper object adopts a new dimension. Faced with the multiplication of virtual platforms, its format, its binding, its pages and its stigmata evoke something of the tangible nature of the book, both perennial and delicate. Fashion photography exists at the convergence of several areas of creativity that reached a level of accomplishment in the second half of the twentieth century (silver-based photography and prints). This graphical legacy, which is recent yet specific to a bygone period, is of equal interest to the curious visitor and the experienced collector. Thus, the 29th Internation Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères is an opportunity for us to exhibit an ephemeral bookshop, uniting an important selection of works from the 1930s to today, objects which form a collection to be established and enriched.

April 25 - 28, 2014
Opening April 24, 2014 from 7 pm

Villa Noailles
Montée des Noailles
83400 Hyères